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There is a thought going around gaining prevalence. The thought is that we as homo sapiens have contrived the object of God in out minds. Thus our search and need for a creator caused us to make the idea of a God up.

First off I find this a little to convenient. It is a way to brush off the whole concept with a single stroke. It does nothing to answer the question and basis of say, morals or how something can come from nothing.

Talking with my friend who has a lawn service at and he as we were discussing this he used an interesting analogy.

She said many customers think they have bald spots of yard where no grass grows. But in actuality there is grass there. It is just dormant. To prove this she will reorient the water system so that it will get more water. Within two weeks it will start to show signs of grass again. Just because it seemed like nothing was there doesn’t mean that it is true.

All in all the atheist needs to have a better case for the moral argument than species-ism or herd mentality. They can’t run around calling me a foolish if we can’t define what foolish “is” in that regard.

If evolution can bring us to a place of mistaken identity in God then it can also lead an atheist wrong too right? How can we really trust our instincts?

Enough said.

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