The Construction Process

As I promised in my last post I was going to share the construction process of a home as an analogy of finding truth in definition.

Just the other day I conferred with my friend who owns a roofing company at We had a nice long char over the phone as he explained the ins and outs of home construction.

We all know that with every building it begins with the foundation. This needs to be solid and usually is concrete or a carbon of it. It is load bearing tested to make sure it can hold whatever structure is being built on it. The taller the structure the better the foundation needs to be.

Next is the frame or wall depending on the deepness of the foundation. Like a basement for an example.

As you build up everything is anchored to the bottom to ensure a strong integrity force.

When you get to the covering you will need rafters designed with load bearing tolerances which help with holding the balance of your roof. The roof will have weight when you either tar it or shingle it so it need to be able to hold that weight as well.

As you can see when you make a definition in science you need to be able to hold your weight. Throwing flimsy ideas out there as true only makes your building or home crumble even more. Now you are stuck in the home you built with a roof that isn’t holding any water off of you.

Vice versa you will need to have a better foundation for your religious views as well. Simply throwing out what you heard on Sunday will not help.

The big thing too is the importance of knowing what you are talking about because what you say makes followers and that is a huge responsibility to have. It is one thing to have a belief but it is another thing altogether to bring others with you and your line of thinking.

Consider your foundation and if it can hold your premise.

You will have a much more attractive, inviting home.

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