How can we define “definition” ?

Hey everyone. I am looking to examine a thought process here. Hope you can follow along.

We are told to think that we are a cosmic accident. A really amazing random act 16 billion years ago sparked a tsunaimi of atoms into motion and started a chain reaction of cells that coalesced into life as we know it.

It took time and by natural selection life took it’s path through simple one cell organisms to very find tuned intricate DNA structure on homo sapiens.

It is fascinating of course to think something so amazing could happen by accident. Then there is the thorny tricky part.

How can we really arrive at anything when we are noting but a vast soup of molecules? How can we know what we know when it could just be our wiring that gets to the conclusion?

How can we really define anything? We use definitions for science and scientific method, but is that really true?

“Well Justin it is true because it just make sense!”

Really? Why does it make sense? Who told you that it made sense? A scientist? Well who told him? The experiment? Well how do we know that isn’t flawed?

You see that is how we operate. We need a set of laws or guidelines to operate on. Something that is set in stone that allows us to build our “ideas” and “knowledge” on.

Yet if we don’t know where to build that structure on or what “that” is, then we can never truly rely on it.

I totally see the new move into the idea of a intelligent design theory. It bears scrutiny but I believe it will hold up over time. They like to say Christians like to make the leap that if something is understood then God must of done it but the other side does the same whenever you mention intelligent design. They make the giant leap and cry “It is just trying to put God back in school!!”

I think both sides need to get a grip and get on a national stage on this thing. Stop the fear mongering and get it out with a little less emotion and a little more thinking.

When you build a house it takes a lot of planning and “know how” to do it right. I am going to spend some time with some builders and gain some information from them on how it is done from the foundation to the roof on top.

Check it out next time! In the meantime if you stumbled on this and don’t know who I am just go to my about page by clicking here.

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