Dawkins and Meme’s

I read a story recently where Dawkins was being interviewed about Meme’s.

He wrote this book about Selfish Gene and mentioned how culture moves from one to the next which is memetics. Well the study of it anyway.

Of course today we have Meme viral videos everywhere. The evolution of words can easily be traced for the most part. Where we come from is not so easy.

He was of course asked about this. One thing that always struck me as funny is how he likes to discredit religions as ludicrous and stupid but on a naturalistic level it really doesn’t matter what view he holds.

If he is trying to save us from something then what are we being saved from? He doesn’t hold the key to our future at all. He can’t offer solace or comfort in knowing our decision is sound and safe.

Only a belief in the eternal can offer that. Or at least a belief in a sense of right and wrong and good and evil. ¬†Without a creator we can’t confidently hold our beliefs to be true. They will always be suspect and untrustworthy.

Even Dawkins said in his interview that he has had to change his view on some things in science recently. He mentioned how great it is that science allows us to do that. Some math formula proved it to be more probable therefore he accepted it.

Yet when we use math to demonstrate that it is very improbable that life came to be by chance, he rejects it.

Seems to me there is always a fox guarding the hen house when it comes to science. They pretend to be open minded and let the evidence lead them but when it goes where they don’t want it to go they reject and close their minds to it.

Meme to Dawkins, time to accept the mathematical truth and move on.

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