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Really glad you can stop by. Probably many of you, like me, aren’t too sure what Memetics is all about. One thing I am really into is the study of science and how to apply to life.

Memetics according to Wiki is the study of ideas and concept on a cultural level.  I think is is something Darwin came up with to defend his position that life came into being with a creator.

It is basically using the evolutionary process and apply it culture. The way we think or act. Why are we wired the way we are emotionally? It is a way around the sticky concept of finding the truth or why is it true, and focus more on why it works so well.

My thoughts have always been this. You have to find the truth to the matter. IF you make a truth claim of any sort then there must be a backer to back that truth up.

It is awesome how science finds out how the world works but they never really can find the why. I am not overly concerned with the concept of a personal creator but at the very least we should consider the fact that we may not be an accident. We may be more than what we think we are.

There are so many things that are unexplained on a humanly level. Why do we love? Why do we care? Why do we see beauty? What makes us choose one thing over another?

There are of course other arguments that science has trouble coming up with an answer that I will add to this as the days continue.

For now I just wanted to introduce this article and if you wish to contact me feel free to email me at contact@memecore.com.

Next artivle will deal with the concept of fine tuning.

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