Interesting Theory

There is a thought going around gaining prevalence. The thought is that we as homo sapiens have contrived the object of God in out minds. Thus our search and need for a creator caused us to make the idea of a God up.

First off I find this a little to convenient. It is a way to brush off the whole concept with a single stroke. It does nothing to answer the question and basis of say, morals or how something can come from nothing.

Talking with my friend who has a lawn service at and he as we were discussing this he used an interesting analogy.

She said many customers think they have bald spots of yard where no grass grows. But in actuality there is grass there. It is just dormant. To prove this she will reorient the water system so that it will get more water. Within two weeks it will start to show signs of grass again. Just because it seemed like nothing was there doesn’t mean that it is true.

All in all the atheist needs to have a better case for the moral argument than species-ism or herd mentality. They can’t run around calling me a foolish if we can’t define what foolish “is” in that regard.

If evolution can bring us to a place of mistaken identity in God then it can also lead an atheist wrong too right? How can we really trust our instincts?

Enough said.

The History and Philosophy of Memetics

What is the Philosophy of Memetics?

Memetics is related to Darwinian evolution in a way that might surprise you. There is a parallel in the way that thoughts and genes replicate. A meme is thought of to be a unit of thought or culture, in the same way that a gene is a unit of DNA. These ideas according to Richard Dawkins are able to replicate themselves and become a part of the cultural collective unconscious. Much in the same way that we have gene pools, the philosophy suggests that there are also idea pools. The way that the ideas replicate themselves is not something that is physical, but is instead something that is based on whether the idea is popular.

The History of the Philosophy of Memetics

The idea was based on the book that was published in 1976 that was called the Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. The idea was very controversial as it was hard to imagine that it was in fact possible for an idea to spread in the same way that physical DNA could. In addition to this, many scientists had a hard time imagining that it was possible to compare a philosophy to a science.

It was in 1983 that there was a column published by Douglas Hofstadter that showed that there was a parallel to genetics. Dawkins continued with this idea with a new book called Viruses of the Mind in 1991 when he explained that ideas are like viruses and they have the ability to spread. Dawkins used the example of extreme religions and fundamentalism. Dawkins did not realize it at the time but he was defining the language that we currently use to discuss when there is an idea or a topic that is trending that goes viral.

Much in the same way that Dawkins was discussing the collective unconscious, today we would consider this to be a parallel to the internet. What is the internet, if it is not an international connected portal of ideas that allows you to learn, experience, and have access to anything at any time? Although the internet was in existence at the time that Dawkins was penning the book, it was still the property of the U.S. government and was not yet available to the people. The idea of the internet was not available to the public until 2002 and for that reason there is no way that it could have played a part in the current idea. However, a meme now is known as a photo or an idea that goes viral, and that viral quality comes from the worldwide web. Dawkins was acting as a predictive force whether he realized it or not.

Today an idea can go all over the world in a matter of seconds and we are more connected than we have ever been in the past, what that means is that it is possible to share new ideas as well as to share a funny post in seconds, the world is now connected in the blink of an eye.

Pretty cool? Or is it just an attempt to deny a creator?


The Construction Process

As I promised in my last post I was going to share the construction process of a home as an analogy of finding truth in definition.

Just the other day I conferred with my friend who owns a roofing company at We had a nice long char over the phone as he explained the ins and outs of home construction.

We all know that with every building it begins with the foundation. This needs to be solid and usually is concrete or a carbon of it. It is load bearing tested to make sure it can hold whatever structure is being built on it. The taller the structure the better the foundation needs to be.

Next is the frame or wall depending on the deepness of the foundation. Like a basement for an example.

As you build up everything is anchored to the bottom to ensure a strong integrity force.

When you get to the covering you will need rafters designed with load bearing tolerances which help with holding the balance of your roof. The roof will have weight when you either tar it or shingle it so it need to be able to hold that weight as well.

As you can see when you make a definition in science you need to be able to hold your weight. Throwing flimsy ideas out there as true only makes your building or home crumble even more. Now you are stuck in the home you built with a roof that isn’t holding any water off of you.

Vice versa you will need to have a better foundation for your religious views as well. Simply throwing out what you heard on Sunday will not help.

The big thing too is the importance of knowing what you are talking about because what you say makes followers and that is a huge responsibility to have. It is one thing to have a belief but it is another thing altogether to bring others with you and your line of thinking.

Consider your foundation and if it can hold your premise.

You will have a much more attractive, inviting home.

How can we define “definition” ?

Hey everyone. I am looking to examine a thought process here. Hope you can follow along.

We are told to think that we are a cosmic accident. A really amazing random act 16 billion years ago sparked a tsunaimi of atoms into motion and started a chain reaction of cells that coalesced into life as we know it.

It took time and by natural selection life took it’s path through simple one cell organisms to very find tuned intricate DNA structure on homo sapiens.

It is fascinating of course to think something so amazing could happen by accident. Then there is the thorny tricky part.

How can we really arrive at anything when we are noting but a vast soup of molecules? How can we know what we know when it could just be our wiring that gets to the conclusion?

How can we really define anything? We use definitions for science and scientific method, but is that really true?

“Well Justin it is true because it just make sense!”

Really? Why does it make sense? Who told you that it made sense? A scientist? Well who told him? The experiment? Well how do we know that isn’t flawed?

You see that is how we operate. We need a set of laws or guidelines to operate on. Something that is set in stone that allows us to build our “ideas” and “knowledge” on.

Yet if we don’t know where to build that structure on or what “that” is, then we can never truly rely on it.

I totally see the new move into the idea of a intelligent design theory. It bears scrutiny but I believe it will hold up over time. They like to say Christians like to make the leap that if something is understood then God must of done it but the other side does the same whenever you mention intelligent design. They make the giant leap and cry “It is just trying to put God back in school!!”

I think both sides need to get a grip and get on a national stage on this thing. Stop the fear mongering and get it out with a little less emotion and a little more thinking.

When you build a house it takes a lot of planning and “know how” to do it right. I am going to spend some time with some builders and gain some information from them on how it is done from the foundation to the roof on top.

Check it out next time! In the meantime if you stumbled on this and don’t know who I am just go to my about page by clicking here.

Dawkins and Meme’s

I read a story recently where Dawkins was being interviewed about Meme’s.

He wrote this book about Selfish Gene and mentioned how culture moves from one to the next which is memetics. Well the study of it anyway.

Of course today we have Meme viral videos everywhere. The evolution of words can easily be traced for the most part. Where we come from is not so easy.

He was of course asked about this. One thing that always struck me as funny is how he likes to discredit religions as ludicrous and stupid but on a naturalistic level it really doesn’t matter what view he holds.

If he is trying to save us from something then what are we being saved from? He doesn’t hold the key to our future at all. He can’t offer solace or comfort in knowing our decision is sound and safe.

Only a belief in the eternal can offer that. Or at least a belief in a sense of right and wrong and good and evil. ¬†Without a creator we can’t confidently hold our beliefs to be true. They will always be suspect and untrustworthy.

Even Dawkins said in his interview that he has had to change his view on some things in science recently. He mentioned how great it is that science allows us to do that. Some math formula proved it to be more probable therefore he accepted it.

Yet when we use math to demonstrate that it is very improbable that life came to be by chance, he rejects it.

Seems to me there is always a fox guarding the hen house when it comes to science. They pretend to be open minded and let the evidence lead them but when it goes where they don’t want it to go they reject and close their minds to it.

Meme to Dawkins, time to accept the mathematical truth and move on.

Welcome to Memecore!

Really glad you can stop by. Probably many of you, like me, aren’t too sure what Memetics is all about. One thing I am really into is the study of science and how to apply to life.

Memetics according to Wiki is the study of ideas and concept on a cultural level.  I think is is something Darwin came up with to defend his position that life came into being with a creator.

It is basically using the evolutionary process and apply it culture. The way we think or act. Why are we wired the way we are emotionally? It is a way around the sticky concept of finding the truth or why is it true, and focus more on why it works so well.

My thoughts have always been this. You have to find the truth to the matter. IF you make a truth claim of any sort then there must be a backer to back that truth up.

It is awesome how science finds out how the world works but they never really can find the why. I am not overly concerned with the concept of a personal creator but at the very least we should consider the fact that we may not be an accident. We may be more than what we think we are.

There are so many things that are unexplained on a humanly level. Why do we love? Why do we care? Why do we see beauty? What makes us choose one thing over another?

There are of course other arguments that science has trouble coming up with an answer that I will add to this as the days continue.

For now I just wanted to introduce this article and if you wish to contact me feel free to email me at

Next artivle will deal with the concept of fine tuning.